New Partnership: Definme Has Joined Aragon’s DAO Experts Family

Aug 04, 2023 / Updated:Aug 26, 2023

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Definme Has Joined Aragon’s DAO Experts Family

Providing DAO development services for years, our team has been gaining new partners in the field. Together we are eager to build decentralized solutions and have a positive impact on the market.

Recently, we joined Aragon's DAO Experts Program, and our team is thrilled about that. The program started in June 2022 to connect DAO creators seeking support with industry-leading teams and resources to serve their needs best. We became a part of the program as a part of Cohort #7. This is an important step for us as DAO builders working with the Aragon tech stack.

Partnership at Its Core

Definme and Aragon share a common vision to contribute valuable and scalable DAO solutions to the DAO space, though in different ways. Aragon provides a tech stack to build upon, and we use effective tools and software in our development processes.

Becoming a verified Aragon DAO expert is the start of a long collaboration during which we'll continue to share our experiences and resources.

According to Aragon:

"Definme is a truly all-around team with skills in multiple chains and verticals within crypto and beyond. With Definme leading the way, you can get a custom solution for almost any type of development task!"

Definme DAO architects say:

"By taking advantage of Aragon's flexibility, composability, and compatibility, DAO builders can experiment and refine their ideas in a step-by-step development process."

Check out our conversation about developing custom DAO solutions.

Here is our conversation with Aragon over DAO development

Definme’s Experience With DAOs

At Definme, we have partnered with over 12 DAO projects. We've been creating custom DAO solutions for DeFi platforms, NFT marketplaces, fundraising platforms, GameFi projects, etc.

Through our journey, Aragon, with its smart contract development framework Aragon OSx has been our go-to choice for developing DAO solutions. We choose the software as it provides flexibility, composability, and compatibility for DAO development.

About Aragon

If you're into DAO development, you have certainly heard about Aragon, a DAO development tech stack. Using Aragon tools and the Aragon OSx framework, you can create custom DAO solutions. The platform was founded in 2016, and since then, over 5000 DAOs have been created on it.

About Definme

Definme is a full-stop Web3 development team. The company started in 2017 and has gained broad experience working on various types of projects; DAO development, AI/blockchain integrations, Web3 security, DeFi, L1-L2 solutions, GameFi, NFTs, metaverse, and much more.

Developing DAOs in 2023

Building decentralized solutions and working on decentralized infrastructure presents challenges and possibilities today. Our team has the philosophy of reducing centralization and finding ways to do that according to customers' demands. We are committed to providing our expertise to help projects create better user experiences through the right tools and development approach.

Wait for more news from us as we keep building.

Interested ?

Reach out to us if you need technical help with creating your DAO. We are here to talk about your ideas and help you define the right solutions for your projects.

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