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Definme offers asset-backed token implementation, intending to unlock new possibilities and prospects for your company. We are here to guide you through your journey of tokenization platform development.

Asset Backed Token
Tokenized Assets

Tokenized Assets:
the benefits

Tokenization platforms development company helps you create a venue for users to transfer their real-world assets into a digital token. Founders from different industries are turning to tokenization platforms implementation to make use of the innovation. Bringing assets to blockchain has several benefits:

  • Increased liquidity: Due to tokenization, items from real estate to art pieces can be exchanged on the secondary market, providing greater liquidity.
  • Efficient asset management: Tokenization makes asset storage and transfers easier, faster, and more secure.
  • Accessibility: Thanks to blockchain technology, asset owners can access their holdings directly, not depending on the working hours of intermediaries.

Enterprise benefits of Tokenization

Take advantage of the opportunities Tokenization-as-a-Service (TaaS) offers. Unlock new value with the experts of Definme.

  • High liquidity

    High liquidity

    Illiquid assets are thus eligible for trading on secondary markets. The automated technology used by Blockchain platforms enables direct ownership transfers while adhering to the compliance guidelines established by the smart contract.

  • Faster and Cheaper Transactions

    Faster and Cheaper Transactions

    The automation provided by smart contracts reduces the likelihood of manual validation, making the whole transaction cycle quicker, wiser, and more secure. On decentralized networks, contract locking happens quickly and for much less money.

  • Broader Investor Base

    Broader Investor Base

    As a result, a larger pool of investors may participate in the investing process. Real-life asset tokenization would create possibilities for new types of investors and allow them to diversify their investment portfolio into things they previously couldn't buy.

Our Asset Tokenization Solutions

  • ICO Token platform development ICO Token platform development
  • Security Token Platform Security Token Platform
  • Asset Tokenization Platform Asset Tokenization Platform
  • NFT Tokenization Platform NFT Tokenization Platform
  • Asset tokenization consulting Asset tokenization consulting
  • Tokenized asset development Tokenized asset development

What Can Be Tokenized?

Definme is an asset-backed token company that aims to support businesses in their tokenization journey. Any asset may be tokenized, whether it is physical or digital. Through tokenizing financial assets and enabling their tradeability across digital platforms, we have assisted businesses in opening up new doors. Tokenization can be helpful for diverse occasions, such as:

  • Real Estate Real estate
  • Commodities Commodities
  • Documents Documents
  • Utility Assets Utility Assets
  • Precious Metals Precious Metals
  • Security Tokens Security Tokens
process of work

The Steps of our working process

1. Identify Security

Identify Security

Choose the asset category that your firm wants to tokenize first. Take commodities, stocks, or real estate as examples.

2. Regulations

2. Regulations

The next step is to assess the legal prerequisites and jurisdictional checks needed to decide which type of investors can participate.

3. Develop a Token

3. Develop a Token

Utilizing authorized issuance platforms, create your tokens. Our asset tokenization platform offers a specialized dashboard for handling verification and token rights like shares.

4. Technical Support

4. Technical Support

Definme is eager to help during all the phases including the pre-launch and post-launch. We’ll provideTechnical support for a profitable token sale.

Why partner

Why Partner With Us?

Definme is a tokenization platform company with a huge expertise in blockchain technologies. We provide consulting and development services to assist businesses tokenize all sorts of assets since we have demonstrated competence in the creation of blockchain-based solutions.

Step into the world of blockchain and develop a future ready company with Definme.



Tech Stack We Use

  • Solidity

  • Rust

  • NEXT

  • Node.js

  • React

  • JS

  • Vue.js

  • Python

Choose the tech stack that meets your project needs with our help.

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