Decentralized Exchanges Development (DEX)

DEXes have their unique place in the crypto world. These platforms are attracting the attention of investors as they have proved themselves reliable in times of crisis. Our decentralized exchange development company will help you build a platform that meets market needs and scale up your business.

Role of crypto in DEX

The Role of DEXes in Crypto Trading

Decentralized exchanges are a safe haven for crypto traders as they give users full control over their funds. Cases like the failure of FTX, unexpected halted withdrawals, and the banking crisis turned more users onto DEXes. Crypto traders and investors have started to prefer self-custody solutions and direct ownership of their holdings. While centralized exchanges hold user funds for them, and they don't really know how they manage your funds, DEXes are transparent, and you are responsible for managing your coins.

DEXes have been gaining more market share from centralized exchanges, and more products are entering the market to offer better user experience and security. It's time for you to explore the benefits of a decentralized exchange and launch a platform that meets users' needs.

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Our DEX Development Offerings

  • White Label DEX Development

    White Label DEX Development

    We offer ready-to-launch decentralized exchange solutions to help you launch quickly. Our experts will customize the solution to align it with your business needs.

  • Custom DEX Development

    Custom DEX Development

    With our custom DEX implementation services, you’ll be able to build solutions from scratch and create custom designs for each component.

  • Smart Contract Integration

    Smart Contract Integration

    At Definme, we will help you create and integrate smart contracts into your existing DEX solutions. We will ensure the seamless connection of smart contracts with the front-end.

  • Admin Panel Development

    Admin Panel Development

    We will help you create a web-based, mobile, or desktop cryptocurrency wallet and offer end users enhanced DEX services.

  • DEX Token Development

    DEX Token Development

    Highly skilled blockchain developers of our team will help you design a DEX token that will encourage people to use your solution, take part in the decentralized governance, and receive rewards.

Types of DEXes

  • Orderbook DEX

    Orderbook DEX

    DEXes based on order books contain orders for buying and selling assets. Buy orders show a user’s interest in purchasing an asset at a certain price, while sell orders show how much a trader needs to sell the asset. Order books can run on-chain or off-chain. On-chain order books use smart contracts. On the other hand, off-chain order books are private and keep records outside the blockchain.

  • Automated Market Maker

    Automated Market Maker

    AMM smart contracts use pre-funded asset pools known as liquidity pools. People trade directly through the AMM-based decentralized exchange. For AMMs, liquidity pools are of great importance as the lack of assets will cause capital inefficiency and impermanent loss. So, AMMs reward liquidity providers with a percentage of generated fees to incentivize users to deposit.

  • DEX Aggregator

    DEX Aggregator

    DEX aggregators offer users access to several different protocols from one dashboard. Users enter the crypto trading pair they want to convert, and the protocol recommends possibilities to implement the order across the platforms available. There are DEX aggregators that use liquidity from centralized platforms to increase liquidity. The protocols have different strategies related to security management and reward distribution.

Why partner

Why Partner With Us?

  • To benefit from broad industry experience. 

Our blockchain talents have domain expertise in decentralized exchanges development. We strive to foster innovation and find ways to solve various complex problems by following best practices and experimenting.

  • To craft a secure decentralized exchange.

We will help you offer users an advanced crypto trading platform with first-grade security and advanced features.

  • To collaborate dynamically.

At Definme, we build effective communication with our clients by using a systemic approach to development. We will help you hit your targets and meet your timelines.

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