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We help private, and public sector organizations use the potential of blockchain technology and enter new markets with enterprise-grade software solutions.

Enterprise Blockchain
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Why Develop a Blockchain Solution for Your Business?

Enterprise blockchain solutions support businesses to overcome challenges and streamline their processes. Due to wide use cases, the technology can be helpful in different scenarios. If you are hesitant about whether your business needs enterprise blockchain platform development or not, consider whether the benefits will be effective in your case.

Blockchain will be a go-to solution if you need to innovate your company’s data processing and management systems, automate operations using smart contracts, tokenize your assets, or create NFTs and cryptocurrencies for your business. 

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Our Enterprise Blockchain Solutions Development Offerings

We deliver a range of enterprise blockchain solutions to help you optimize your processes and access new opportunities. Our offerings include but are not limited to:

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We Provide Services Across Industries

We provide industry-specific custom enterprise blockchain solutions implementation to help companies across various sectors be a part of digital transformation. Our experts will help you leverage blockchain potential for your industry:

  • Retail


    Blockchain provides several advantages for the retail industry by allowing supply chain management traceability, personalized customer experience, and data tracking.

  • Banking and Finance

    Banking and Finance

    Technical heroes of our team will help you design a highly secure private/permissioned DLT system.

  • Hybrid DLT development

    Hybrid DLT development

    By adopting blockchain technologies, banks and other financial institutions are able to transform their record-keeping methods, allow instant transactions, and ensure secure asset management.

  • Media and Entertainment

    Media and Entertainment

    Decentralized technologies help media agencies and content creators protect their ownership rights, execute peer-to-peer sales and access more monetization opportunities.

  • Healthcare


    Using blockchain in the healthcare sector enables fast management of medical records ensuring secure data storage and distribution. At the same time, people can access their personal data whenever they want.

  • Transportation


    Smart contracts and blockchain optimize trade management and allow delivery performance tracking. The technology helps minimize fraud and enhance data management efficiency.

  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    Real estate companies can leverage blockchain to tokenize real-world assets, increase their reach, enter new markets and grow their revenue streams.

  • Education


    EdTech is growing, integrating blockchain and other advanced technologies to make education more accessible, and improve the learning process along with communication between tutors and students.

  • Insurance


    The insurance sector is greatly disrupted by blockchain. Decentralized technologies have multiple applications in insurance. Blockchain enables efficient exchange of information, improves risk management and automation.

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Why Definme?

  • Experienced in enterprise blockchain solutions
    Having partnered with companies of all sizes since 2017, we provide vast experience in building numerous enterprise blockchain solutions for business operations and customer interaction.

  • Accelerated time to market
    At Definme, we provide deep industry and technical expertise, and we know how to create an effective workflow. We’ll help you bring your idea to life quickly and gain a competitive edge.

  • Modern development practices
    We adopt the best innovation practices to help you solve complex problems, seize market opportunities, and maximize your ROI.

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