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Develop a stablecoin and run your project with no risk of crypto-volatility. Definme has an extensive experience in stable coin development and always aims to align the development approach with your business priorities and requirements, ensuring that your project always benefits.

Stablecoin Development
Launch Your Stablecoin And Level up Your Crypto Business

Launch Your Stablecoin
And Level up Your Crypto Business

A stable coin is a cryptocurrency that withstands the mutation associated with the developing market. Stablecoin apps are best developed for use as an exchange medium in the cryptocurrency environment, which covers the quality, usage scope, and trading of digital currencies at a more granular scale.

Approximately 5.8 million individuals use cryptocurrency worldwide. However, every single cryptocurrency trader deals with the danger of price volatility daily, which is one of the main reasons retail establishments sometimes may decline crypto payments or transactions.

Stablecoins function as a medium of exchange, guaranteeing that they will maintain purchasing power.

As the name suggests, these assets promise to maintain the value of the cryptocurrency constant in several methods. Stablecoin is considered the next primary cryptocurrency business model in light of all these unattainable benefits.

Stablecoin Development services

  • Commodity-backed stablecoins

    Commodity-backed stablecoins

    The values of these stablecoins are linked with commodities like valuable materials. For example, they can follow the price of gold, platinum, oil, etc.

  • Fiat-backed cryptocurrency

    Fiat-backed cryptocurrency

    Stablecoins backed by fiat money are digital assets maintained as financial reserves by a bank or other regulated entity. Here, each Token issue represents 1 USD, Euro, Yen, or other government-issued currency.

  • Algorithmic stablecdoins

    Algorithmic stablecoins

    These stablecoins work due to price stabilization algorithms and smart contracts. The algorithm issues more coins when the price rises and decreases supply when the price falls.

  • Stabelcoin Development

    Non-collateralized stablecoins

    We create non-collateralized stablecoins backed by commodities, supported by cryptocurrencies, and backed by fiat.

Choosing between the types of stablecoins can be overwhelming. Make an informed decision with our experts. Contact us.

Why Stablecoin?

Developing a stablecoin cryptocurrency has several advantages.

  • No Volatility Risks

    No Volatility Risks

    Due to the stability of their underlying assets, such as fiat money, stablecoins can withstand fluctuations in the value of money.

  • Energy-efficient


    Stablecoins establish an environment with quick consensus, high transaction throughput, and low energy consumption.

  • Liquidity


    If developed properly to address risks in times of crisis, stablecoins can ensure high liquidity and maintain their value. Due to their stable price, the assets can help raise money for your project securely.

  • Widespread integration

    Widespread integration

    Stablecoins are used for everyday uses like decentralized insurance solutions, derivatives contracts, cross-border payments, etc., and may be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

Is stablecoin development right for your business? What about finding out together?

how stablecoin works

How Does Stablecoin Work?

Due to stablecoin's minimal volatility, its price may fluctuate with the value of fiat currencies. Additionally, they don't have the same hazards as cryptocurrencies. Due to the features of its backed assets, a stablecoin may be entirely trusted more than any other altcoin.

A dual-working mechanism is included with the stablecoin. The purchasing procedure is one, and the redeeming process is another.

Benefits of Stablecoins?

Cross-border payments

Cross-border payments

Stablecoins are intended for regular individuals or crypto traders separated from their families and living in foreign countries. Due to their continued excessive trading volume, a significant return of income is produced.

Trading volume

Trading volume

After the release of your stablecoin and global distribution, your client base will grow; as a result, the asset’s trade volume will rise, increasing your revenue

Transaction fee

Transaction fee

Stablecoins allow users to depart from traditional cryptocurrencies, but they continue to charge transaction fees to avoid the risk associated with volatility and protect their investment.



No matter how many users transact across borders or continents, they all help to achieve the goal of a stablecoin, which is to convert coins into local currencies. The cost of currency conversion is thus another component of your revenue.

Want to create a stablecoin that stands strong during volatile times?

Benefits of Stablecoins?

Want to create a stablecoin that stands strong during volatile times?


We provide full-cycle non-fungible token implementation services, adopting best practices and collaboration techniques.
1. Product Discovery

1. Product Discovery

In this phase, we discover your business needs and define the most suitable technical solutions.

2. Architecture and Design

2. Architecture and Design

We develop a Proof of Concept to ensure the viability of technological solutions and tools.

3.Coding and Testing

3.Coding and Testing

According to the determined requirements, we turn the design into a code and test it. We will show you the results during demo sessions.

4. Deployment

4. Deployment

Our team releases the solution into production after making sure it works properly.

5. Maintenance and Support

5. Maintenance and Support

We offer support and technical assistance to keep the product at optimal performance and enhance its features.

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Why Definme?

  • Tailor-made solutions

We accelerate the delivery and launch of NFT platforms with our tailor-made development solutions. Thus, you will be able to present your product to the community sooner and boost your business.

  • High-performance development

Based on Lean and Agile principles, our NFT development studio defines the project architecture and achieves maximal productivity through a robust process.

  • Comprehensive platforms

Leveraging industry-leading, innovative technologies, we create platforms with advanced features and ensure their operational security.

Tech Stack We Use

  • Solidity

  • Rust

  • NEXT

  • Node.js

  • React

  • JS

  • Vue.js

  • Python

Achieve your stablecoin development goals by picking the right stack.

Stablecoin Development on Blockchain Networks

The choice of the blockchain network is central to your project. We'll guide you through this process.



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