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Create your DeFi synthetic asset to serve the needs of market users. Whether you already have a project plan or are searching for solutions, Definme is here to help you get started.

Synthetic Assets
Defi synthetic assets

Synthetic Assets In DeFi

Synthetic assets play a critical role in decentralized finance. Crypto synths are tokenized derivatives, which are contracts that derive value depending on the performance of their underlying asset or group of assets. DeFi derivatives rely on blockchain and smart contracts to track prices and provide returns.
Synthetic assets have several use cases:

  • Manage risks associated with the volatility of cryptocurrencies.
  • Increase investment opportunities.
  • Enable exposure to the market.

The trading volume of decentralized derivatives is growing year over year. 
At Definme, we have broad experience in DeFi synthetic assets implementation, and we are ready to provide our knowledge and skills to help you develop your solution. 

Our Decentralized Synthetic Assets Development Services

We provide a range of decentralized synthetic assets implementation services to help you unlock the potential of DeFi derivatives for your business.

  • Synthetic Tokens Development

    Synthetic Tokens Development

    Develop a DeFi synthetic token to offer users a new financial instrument for investments, staking, trading, and beyond. We offer liquid staking derivative token development, governance token development, real asset tokenization, and more.

  • Derivative Protocols Development

    Derivative Protocols Development

    Decide your solution from the various types of derivative products our team delivers: derivatives exchange apps, staking protocols, token issuance platforms, and more.

  • Price Oracles Development

    Price Oracles Development

    We will help you create secure price oracles for your decentralized derivative protocol to allow smart contracts access off-chain information.

  • Multi-Chain Wallet Development

    Multi-Chain Wallet Development

    Build a secure multi-chain crypto wallet to allow users to store multiple cryptocurrencies across different blockchains, easily make transactions, and view their balance.

  • Dashboard Development

    Dashboard Development

    Create a custom interactive dashboard for your decentralized derivative protocol. Designers and developers at Definme will help you offer users a tool that displays real-time data and analytics clearly.

  • Decentralized Governance Development

    Decentralized Governance Development

    Build a governance token and a DAO to enable economic incentivization and transparent communication between your community members.

Unlock the potential of Ethereum for your business with the help of our experts.

Benefits of DeFi Synthetic Assets Development

The DeFi derivatives market is growing and evolving to meet customers' demand for new products. Now it's time for you to build a strategic plan for your DeFi derivative and launch a forward-looking solution. Our DeFi synthetic assets development company will help you take advantage of this revolutionary asset class.

  • Stay relevant in the fast-paced DeFi market.

    Stay relevant in the fast-paced DeFi market.

    Adopt new trends to grow your business. DeFi derivatives are gaining traction as the migration toward decentralization has started.

  • Provide trading accessibility.

    Provide trading accessibility.

    Allow users to gain exposure to financial assets without actually owning them through tokenization.

  • Offer a disruptive product to users.

    Offer a disruptive product to users.

    Leverage blockchain technology and smart contracts to build a product that automates trading and provides better efficiency.

  • Expand your business scope.

    Expand your business scope.

    Reinvent your business by launching an innovative product, and grow a strong customer base.

Start developing your Web3 app with Definme, and ship it to the market faster.

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Why Definme?

  • Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record of DeFi synthetic assets development projects on top of different blockchains; Ethereum, Tron, Solana, Avalanche, etc.

  • Passion for DeFi

We believe in the power of DeFi and its transformative role. Having the drive to build meaningful DeFi solutions, our developers will help you find answers to complex solutions.

  • Collaborative Culture

We hold clear and transparent communication to ensure that your needs are being met.

What Tech Stack We Work On

Earn the first mover advantage. Launch a breakthrough solution faster with the help of our experts.

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