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Definme, A Blockchain Development Services Company

Definme is a leading, goal-oriented, well-established blockchain development company. We are a team of experienced blockchain developers with great expertise in custom blockchain
software development on multiple frameworks for various business needs.

Get in touch with us for a detailed conversation about which blockchain technology and platform will best suit your next big project.

Our Insights

Blockchain technology was mainly used for monetary transactions, but studies have proven that transparency and interoperability have more applications and might fully transform businesses as we know them today.

Vsevolod Michalevsky

Chief Executive Officer

We at Definme know how vital it is to choose the blockchain development company, enabling businesses to take advantage of existing software, infrastructure and services related to exact areas of application.

Kirill Varlamov

Chief Technology Officer

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Not sure which network will provide the best blockchain development service opportunity for your business?


Blockchain Application Development

Blockchain solutions and their characteristics are a topic of wide discussions. Blockchain development platforms are still being identified as what they are, and the task of developing a blockchain application or a custom blockchain requires a lot of preparational work, a dedicated team, the right set of expertise, skills, and sufficient funding. To stay up-to-date, companies spend thousands to incorporate blockchain solutions without the guarantees that those will properly match the company needs.

It is necessary to decide whether or not a business requires developing blockchain software for company projects. Understanding the issues the project needs to solve with a blockchain solution and ensuring that blockchain application development will benefit its exact needs and abilities greatly saves time and money.

Blockchain development services are identified? Perfect. Next are the steps of product-building.


1. Discovery

Understanding business goals to define what technologies and components should be added. Create a roadmap of the product within set timeline, come up with a blockchain model and conceptual workflow.

2. Architecture and Design

2. Architecture and Design

The next stage is developing a Proof of Concept, which can be either a design prototype or a theoretical build-up so that users can understand the applicability of the product. A Proof of Concept includes sketches, mockups, tested products, designs, and development specifications.

3. Development

3. Development

After the design and architecture are approved by the client, the modules development process and smart contract conditions integration starts. Within a number of iterations, the product is developed and shown to the customer during the demo sessions.

4. Deployment

4. Deployment

The deployment stage includes tests executed for each component of the product to ensure proper operation. The results of the tests are documented in a transparent report.

5. Maintenance & Support

5. Maintenance & Support

We offer support and technical assistance on various SLAs (8x5xNBD, 24x7xFTS etc), providing reliable service whenever possible, enabling you to streamline processes and keep the product operating at peak performance.

Blockchain Development Solutions for Industries

Many industries are collaborating with blockchain companies to address existing business challenges with security, cost, and efficiency

Tell us about your industry:


Blockchain Software Development

Blockchain software development is the significant phase of the process, where the application is built under multiple versions. Once tested, the app goes to the development stage, where the app is deployed on the test network and undergoes functionality tests. Then, the app is hosted on the main chain with both off-chain and on-chain entities of a hybrid blockchain solution deployed on the cloud servers.

Once the product is ready, the post-development processes ensure that the blockchain application works with all types of upgrades in the future. Want to know more?

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Vsevolod Michalevsky

Chief Executive Officer

Partner and executive manager with 10+ years of management experience.

Ex Digital Marketing, Ex Information Security


Kirill Varlamov

Chief Technology Officer

Partner and development manager with 15+ years of technical experience in building and managing teams.

Ex telecom lead

Dmitry Suldin

Dmitry Suldin

Blockchain Development Team Lead

Experienced engineering leader specializing in Web3 and AI. Strong background in virtualization, cloud, and DevOps practices.

Sonny Verueco

Sonny Verueco

Chief Business Development Officer

Tech entrepreneur, business strategist, and crypto investor. A member of the Philippine Association for Digital Commerce and Decentralized Industries.

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