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Smart Contract Audit

Smart contract audit refers to the process of analyzing the code of the blockchain application and detecting its issues, weakness, and security vulnerabilities. But it’s not just that. Once the analysis is over, the smart contract audit company suggests improvements and ways to fix the bugs.

Smart contract auditing is usually a combination of manual and automated tools and plays a major role in deploying a smart contract, as in the absence of it the immutability of blockchain ledgers can turn them into a nightmare.

Smart contract audits are game-changers both for the investors and users, as they tend to enhance the security of the applications, suggest better code optimization, increase contract security and act as a shell against hackers and thieves.

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Audit steps

The 4 Audit Steps

Specification review

1. Specification review

During this phase, our experts collect maximum data about your project and conduct an objective assessment. This helps them reveal the goals and objectives of the project and determine the scope of the anticipated work.

Security Audit

2. Security audit

The smart contract security audit phase refers to analyzing code and creating test cases for the project. Those can be conducted via either automated or manual tools.


3. Testing

Most of the web3 projects logic is based on smart contracts, and in this context, it is vital to unveil contracts that are efficient enough to save gas, reducing the transaction costs, and optimize project development flow.


4. Reporting

Once all the steps are completed, the audit team reports to the project owner about the bugs, offering an improvement and implementation and remediation plan to enhance the business strategy in terms of deploying and running smart contracts.

Smart Contract Audit Services

Team up with experts from all over the world and get access to the database of professionals just by partnering up Definme. We'll highlight any pending problems and offer you efficient solutions. Ping us. We are here to help!

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Why Definme?

Definme is one of the experienced crypto audit companies on the market. With our wide range of proficiency in the blockchain sector, we managed to gain reliability and trust from our clients, and that's what we value the most.

We'll help you transform your business by making it more scalable and future-ready. We'll evaluate your project and present you with a transformation strategy and solutions designed to assist you in meeting your KPIs and business objectives.

Scale up your business with us and explore what we offer. We practice what we preach!

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