About us

At Definme we go beyond the limits of traditional finance models

We are a blockchain development company. Using our professional approach, we disrupt traditional finance models by preparing a firm ground for the next Fintech revolution.

Our extensive experience in the industry fosters robust blockchain solutions for various sectors stretching from native decentralized NFT, DeFi, and Metaverse project development to eCommerce, Insurance, Medicine, Real estate, and many more traditional businesses.

Due to our skilled and professional blockchain development team, we demonstrate
our leadership in promoting the blockchain industry.

We are international company

  • Switzerland, Zug

    One of our international offices is located in Canton of Zug, Switzerland, known as the Crypto-Valley, one of the international hubs for crypto and web3-related businesses. Zug attracts more blockchain and crypto companies each year.

  • United Arab Emirates, Dubai

    Dubai is another spot where our clients can reach us, which has all the chances to become the next visionary Blockchain capital of the world. The country adopted a strategy, according to which it will become the first city fully functioning on Blockchain.

  • Armenia, Yerevan

    One of our development back offices is located there. IT in Armenia is evolving faster than ever, so we decided to invest our skills in this country. Armenia is a beautiful and hospitable country with a large number of educated specialists.

How it all started

In early 2017, a team of like-minded engineers invested their vast experience in telecommunications, information security, software, and hardware development in a new field of business, blockchain systems development.

Since then, we have completed more than 60 successful blockchain research, integration, and development cases.

Education, Supply chains, Logistics, Gaming -these are just some fields in which we have helped our clients develop and scale-up.

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How it goes

Over the past six years, our company obtained a stable position in the market and grew our team even more prominent. We are eager to exceed our client's expectations and scale up their business by providing blockchain development services that transform corporate operations into growth catalysts. Here at Definme, we envision offering solutions incorporating effective and efficient business principles.

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Management Team

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Vsevolod Michalevsky

Chief Executive Officer

Partner and executive manager with 10+ years of management experience.

Ex Digital Marketing, Ex Information Security


Kirill Varlamov

Chief Technology Officer

Partner and development manager with 15+ years of technical experience in building and managing teams.

Ex telecom lead

Dmitry Suldin

Dmitry Suldin

Blockchain Development Team Lead

Experienced engineering leader specializing in Web3 and AI. Strong background in virtualization, cloud, and DevOps practices.

Sonny Verueco

Sonny Verueco

Chief Business Development Officer

Tech entrepreneur, business strategist, and crypto investor. A member of the Philippine Association for Digital Commerce and Decentralized Industries.

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