What Is the Role of NFTs in the Metaverse?

Nov 03, 2022 / Updated:Jan 09, 2023

What Is The Role Of NFTs In The Metaverse
Тhe Role Of NFTs In The Metaverse

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NFTs In The Metaverse

"The Metaverse...!" is a headline reportedly popping on all desktops. Expanding with enormous rapidity, the Metaverse is taking over the globe. Being a world out of the world, where people can pay for thrilling virtual experiences and exciting events, it is more complex than meets the eye. Let's understand what is the Metaverse NFT - as the expectations from two buzzwords in one place keep rising.


The Metaverse is technically the evolution of the internet, requiring advanced technological inputs and great minds standing behind those. While it is only beginning to take its final shape, this virtual realm is already a place of innovations. No wonder tens of metaverse frameworks have emerged.

The Sandbox, for instance, an Ethereum-based NFT gaming framework works on so-called "voxels" - 3D pixels which build the game. Users create their Voxels in VoxEdit and upload those in the Marketplace, with the goal of earning money. Sandbox also has a Game-maker, which allows users to craft their own 3D games - an entertainment that keeps the platform demand high.

In the wide range of frameworks, some other major players are HyperCube, Blender, and Decentraland. The Blender, having been there for a long time now, is still the ultimate 3D visualization platform. XREngine, on the other hand, has a clear statement of making the metaverse business easier, offering a variety of 3D world creation tools.

With a vast variety of frameworks and tools, the Metaverse is still hard to get started with. Even when one has all the tools to embody his imagination in a 3D world, they could still use some work.


Okay, but how will NFTs be used in the Metaverse?

The Non-Fungible Token is probably the most disruptive blockchain technology invention in recent times. NFTs are the best representation of non-fungibility, where an item cannot be exchanged for anything but money. Money is fungible: you can trade it for anything that has a price, whereas NFTs stand for pretty much the opposite. This way, they represent the ultimate form of art, which cannot be de-evaluated. After making a worldwide buzz, the tokens have gained massive popularity in the Meta world.

The Metaverse has made a solid statement and gained its rightful position as a primary emerging project. Taking its start from virtual concerts and shopping sessions, the VR world has gone further. Top economies like UAE are now developing virtual programs to stay up to day. For all that, the VR inhabitants need clothes, vehicles, and other utilities for their avatars. Here come the luxury, sport, mechanics, and technology brands offering their tokenized products for Meta customers.

Giants like Nike and Balenciaga have correctly estimated the increasing demand, offering their Metaverse NFT products. CryptoKicks, for example, tokenizes Nike sneakers. Simply put, when purchasing a pair of Nike sneakers, one already owns them in the VR. The demand shift has made it clear to big corporations they need a hybrid, flexible strategy. The beloved brands now have to be physically and virtually present to keep the evolution pace.

The NFT in the Metaverse has many roles, but its primary mission is the empowerment of virtual economies. Non-Fungible Tokens are here to stay, and they surely have gained a significant role in the Metaverse puzzle we all want to solve.

Still have questions? Let’s brainstorm.

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